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Acupuncture in the news

Source: Oldham Evening Chronicle

Date/Issue: 3 March 2014

Camilla Dallerup experience fame and heartbreak during her time on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing

Source: Daily Mail

Date/Issue: 04 March 2014

Prisoners are being offered 'holistic therapies' on Drug Recovery Wings
Treatments for criminals include yoga, acupuncture and 'tissue massage'

Source: Scarborough News

Date/Issue: 03 March 2014

Scarborough practitioners have been out and about in the town centre to promote Acupuncture Awareness Week, which comes to and end on Monday.

Source: Sunday Journal

Date/Issue: 03 March 2014

BAcC member Maureen Cromey gives a treatment and makes a convert of Abi Jackson

Source: Natural Health

Date/Issue: 01 March 2014

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