Acupuncture in the news

Source: Take a Break

Date/Issue: 01 Mar 2016

Rebecca Newbold has electro acupuncture for an old car accident induced back injury.

Source: Daily Mirror

Date/Issue: 29 Feb 2015

The Olympic swimming legend suffered a dislocated shoulder during Channel 4's winter sports show but is returning for Sunday's final following surgery and acupuncture

Source: Pick Me Up

Date/Issue: 25 February 2016

44% of Brits just grin and bear pain says the British Acupuncture Council



Speaking in the House of Commons  the long-time advocate of alternative medicine urged discussion between Whitehall health chiefs..

Source: The Observer (Tech Mothly)

Date/Issue: 14 February 2016

Benefits from alternative treatments such as acupuncture when scientists insist it doesn't work

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