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Acupuncture in the news

Source: Reuters

Date/Issue: 16 September 2014

Research suggests complemetary treatments such as acupuncture may be beneficial

Source: Daily Mail

Date/Issue: 13 September 2014

In some areas you can get acupunture on the NHS

Source: Barnsley Chronicle

Date/Issue: 12 Sept 2014

Barnsley cricket legend Geoff Boycott has spoken about how he battled cancer - with the help of an age old form of Chinese therapy.

Source: Yours

Date/Issue: 12 September 2014


Research has found acupuncture can help reduce severity and frequency of hot flushes

Source: Daily Mirror

Date/Issue: 11 Sept 2014

Any mum who has felt the dreaded waves of nausea will sympathise with kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.


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World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation lists a wide variety of diseases or disorders for which acupuncture therapy has been tested in controlled clinical trials