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Acupuncture in the news

Source: Blackmore Vale magazine

Date/Issue: 20 February 2014

BAcC member Dwara Young writes in the Blackmore VAle magazine.

Source: Contact Music

Date/Issue: 19 February 2014

Miranda Kerr has acupuncture for injured disc

Source: Mirror lifestyle

Date/Issue: 19 February 2014

Campaign led by charities aimed at getting more people talking about mental health

Source: Radio Times

Date/Issue: 15 February 2014

Welcome to the strange world of dummy pills, sham surgeries and facke acupuncture

Source: Womans's own

Date/Issue: 10 Feb 2013

There's nothing like a dark wet winter to make you feel wrung out...


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World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation lists a wide variety of diseases or disorders for which acupuncture therapy has been tested in controlled clinical trials