Acupuncture in the news

Source: Newsweek (Main)

Date/Issue: 30 January 2015

The biggest barrier to getting people through the clinic door is fear of needles according to Rhiannon Griffiths who is a member of the British Acupuncture Council

Source: Advanced Healthcare Solutions website

Date/Issue: 27 Jan 2015

Country leaders and film stars who have used acupuncture

Source: Yours Magazine

Date/Issue: 20 January 2015

Give complementary therapies a try.  Many women have found that acupuncture helps.

Source: Woman and Home Feel Good You

Date/Issue: 4 January 2015

Acupuncture  is one of the best treatments to put the balance back, physically and emotionally.

Source: Irvine Herald, Kilmarnock Standard

Date/Issue: 2 January 2015

British Acupuncture practitioner, Rhiannon Griffiths recommends ....

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