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Q:  Since my daughter had a long seizure at the beginning of July she has lost her appetite, she also had a uti and was very poorly being high dependency initially. She cannot talk/global developmental delay. Could acupuncture help?

We are very sorry to hear of your daughter's problems.

A:  Underneath your very brief description of the rather difficult recent past seems to be a longer standing problem, unless the global development display has been a consequence of the seizure. However, we suspect that this cannot be the case - the diagnosis could not be made on the basis of a couple of months of poor progress.

A:  If this is the case, the underlying causes for the development delay could be associated with the reasons for the seizure and may also have a considerable impact on treatment aimed at helping with things like appetite loss of recurrent UTIs. These things are treatable to a degree, but the traditional Chinese medicine approach takes the whole person into account when assessing the case and making a prognosis, rather than simply addressing a symptom. The only way to establish whether acupuncture might be of benefit your daughter, given the complexity of her case, would be to visit a local BAcC member experienced in working with children.

Paediatrics is one of the three fields where we are close to establishing recognised standards which would enable our members to claim to be experts and advertise themselves as such, but we are not quite there yet. If, however, you google 'acupuncture children' along with the place you live you will find at least one or two people who have undertaken postgraduate training with the two main providers in this field, and this will lead you to members who focus their practice on working with children. Children are not simply littler versions of adults, and there are a number of areas where a patient would benefit from the specialist skills which these members learn over and above the generalist skills which we all possess.

You may find in your searches that there have been some interesting developments in the field of scalp acupuncture and developmental delay. These, while exciting, are far from being properly researched, and we would advise a little caution if you do come across this and think it may offer a solution to your daughter's problems. Scalp acupuncture is a modern variant, and we are not really in a position to comment on it. We are aware that one or two very experienced practitioners are using this to good effect, but we are also aware that a desperate parent will often throw caution to the wind when looking to help a  child. If you do come across someone offering this kind of treatment you would be wise to check their training background carefully.

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What conditions can acupuncture treat?

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