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Q: I had acupuncture at my physio appointment yesterday it hurt like hell and had to ask him to remove the needles as it felt like i had been hit hard on my knee only two needles were used is this normal to feel this kind of pain


A: The sensations usually experienced from acupuncture treatment are not what one would class as 'pain'. Many people feel a slight dull ache around the needle, a little like a bruised feeling, which tends to stop with the treatment, and some people feel a small tingling or electrical sensation. Occasionally a point will cause a sharper sensation, but this is usually very short lived.
It is not fair for us to comment on the style of treatment of an individual, but our general experience is that physios who use acupuncture tend to use slightly heavier gauges of needle, i.e. thicker, and use points on the basis of a different underlying theory which often requires a slightly heavier technique. For some people this is too intense, and can actually be unpleasant. We can't also rule out the possibility that the practitioner has inserted the needles incorrectly or too deeply, but this would normally leave a residual pain after the needles had been removed.
As a general rule, though, acupuncture should not be painful