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Myalgic Encephalomylitis


Q. What can acupuncture offer for lack of energy and brain fog, lack of motivation and inertia, lack of the ability for the brain to release pleasurable endorphines, thus one finds no feelings of enjoyment in life, plus muscle stiffness and muscle pain, with secondary depression, primarily caused by Myalgic Encephalomylitis ME/CFS ?


A. Our website factsheet on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, found under the 'research' button on the home page or at this link is very candid about the fact that there simply hasn't been enough good quality research about ME and CFS to make definite statements about how acupuncture may help. You would know from you own experience, though, that the effects of the condition are so broad and unpredictable, from physical aches and pains through to complex emotional and mental issues, that measuring how 'well' one feels can be almost impossible from day to day.
Many practitioners find it useful to focus on the treatment of the more frequent and enduring symptoms of the condition, and as you can see from the fact sheet, there are encouraging signs that acupuncture may help with some of the more common manifestations. There are no quick fixes, though, and BAcC members try very hard to ensure that people do not have unrealistic expectations of how treatment may help. If there is progress it may well be slow, and not without setbacks.
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With CFS and ME there are often long term issues to do with 'lifestyle management'. Although resources within the NHS are not as generous as many people might like, many PCTs have ME clinics which help people to regain their normal routines and patterns. A very common problem is for people to try to do too much when they start to feel better, and encouraging people to stay within strict boundaries and guidelines makes a huge difference in how well they can maintain their momentum as they get better.

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