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Please note that if you see the initials A, F, C o P, S or T after the surname of a practitioner this means that they have had an admonishment order, a fine order a conditions of practice order, a suspension order ( including an interim suspension order) or a termination order made against them by the Professional Conduct Committee. You can find further details and what each order means in the Report of Professional Conduct Committee Findings and Orders. Members who have been suspended from the register or who have been terminated from the register will still appear in a practitioner search but will have the initials S or T after their surname.

Please note that not all British Acupuncture Council members are listed on our website. Please see our policy relating to members' names and practice details on the Register

Contact the office on 020 8735 0400 if you need to check if a practitioner is a member.

If you are not getting the search results you want, then please contact us, via email, on

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