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Source: The High Tea Cast

Date/Issue: 07 Mar 2016

Needles aren’t items that conjure the image of deep relaxation and healing the soul. They provoke more of a hospital-and-antiseptic vibe for me, which is probably why I’ve always opted to remedy back pain and practiced self-care with massage. That, however, may well change. I was given the opportunity to try my first ever acupuncture session in aid of Acupuncture Week 2016, and as my lovely acupuncturist Emma Perris told me, acupuncture is really rather addictive.


Date/Issue: 07 Mar 2016

You’ve probably heard of this alternative medicine, but how much do you know about it? Find out how acupuncture could help - and heal - you.

Source: Sunday Telegraph

Date/Issue: 06 Mar 2016

Physiotherapists. Osteopaths. Chiropractors. Anyone who has had a sports injury will probably have seen one of these experts. But how many of us would consider having needles stuck into our sides, even by an expert?

Source: Daily Star

Date/Issue: 06 Mar 2016

Having bagged an armful of Olympic medals in the pool, Rebecca Adlington knows all about hard work and injuries. So she must have thought she knew what she was taking on when she signed up for Channel 4 celebrity winter sports show The Jump. Still, Rebecca got a nasty surprise when, while practising a ski jump at over 30mph, she lost control and dislocated her shoulder.


Date/Issue: 03 Mar 2016

Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington reveals how she's overcoming the pain from her dramatic crash on The Jump.

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