Ear acupuncture using NADA protocol and insurance cover

Q:  If I undertook training to be able to deliver ear acupuncture using the NADA protocol and then obtained NADA membership, would I be covered by my membership if anything went wrong?

A:This would depend entirely on the insurance arrangements in place. We have been searching the net for information about NADA-UK, but for reasons we do not quite understand their public website seems to have disappeared. We seem to recall that membership was only a matter of continuing competence and certification, and accountability together with an element of promotion, and did not include insurance.

Normally we would say that insurance is relatively straightforward. Most individual practitioners seem to get their insurance through the brokers Balens in Malvern who act for a master policy under Zurich. This is one of two main complementary medical insurers, the other being Royal Sun Alliance through whom we are insured. RSA don't deal with individuals as far as we know, and won't cover acupuncturists who do not belong to the BAcC. 

The confounding factor, though, on which you would have to seek advice is whether they would offer cover within the NHS. We suspect the answer may be 'yes' given the relatively safe nature of the intervention, but we would be a little cautious before saying this was certain. RSA, for example, won't cover any of our members who are practising GPs or working solely within the NHS. This has everything to do with the way that hospitals and surgeries deal with their own insurance and the fact that professional insurers might be an easier target than a health trust for what could be a very much wider range of potential claims. If Zurich won't pick up cover, be very careful of other offers. The cheaper the policy (and someone will always write cover) the greater the chance that the small print will apply.

If all else fails you would probably need to approach your practice heads or trust managers to get approval to offer your service within their overall offer. If, though, you are working independently of the NHS and can demonstrate this then it's probable that Zurich will pick up cover.

We are sure that NADA must have been asked this question thousands of times and almost certainly have a ready answer. 


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