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Q:  I have trigeminal neuralgia and have had real succes with acupuncture  in the past but I now live in Waterlooville and he is in Buckinghamshire.  I also have MS and in a wheelchair.  I would be a private patient

A:  We are very pleased to hear that you have had success with the acupuncture treatment of your trigeminal neuralgia. We are often a little cautious in giving advice on this condition because our own clinical experience is a little patchy, but when acupuncture does work the changes can be dramatic.

Finding a new practitioner in the Waterlooville area couldn't be easier. If you go to your home page you will find a postcode search facility. This is by far the best way to find the geographically nearest practitioner. There is also a 'search by other criteria' function which means that, for example, you could locate someone in a town nearby which you visit regularly.

Access may be a little bit of a problem. Many of us work in premises which are not wheelchair friendly because wheelchair friendly means ground floor which can mean more expensive. We have a responsibility under the Equality Act, however, where we cannot provide treatment ourselves to locate or be aware of suitable local provision of a similar kind. Most BAcC members will know which colleagues locally have the most suitable premises for wheelchair access. If there are none then it is a matter of finding someone who is prepared to undertake a home visit. Again, not everyone does this because it can mean having to charge up for travelling time, and in our experience members don't like to appear to be money orientated, but we generally have a number of people in any area who are happy to visit people where they live if there is a suitable area for working.

We hope that you manage to find a suitable practitioner.  

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