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Rosey Grandage

Rosey Grandage

Rosey has been an acupuncturist since 1992, having studied for two years in China at both government colleges and as an apprentice. She taught acupuncture and tuina at the University of Westminster for 17 years and is a physiotherapist. She has worked for the NHS and in private practice and has been a member of the BAcC Professional Conduct Committee.

She has clinics in West London and mid-Wales, specialising in classical acupuncture, tuina, physiotherapy and qigong. She runs short courses and is director of Apothecary Gallery CIC.

She has been chair of a wildlife trust, has taken this through merger and is a trustee of the combined trust. She has been a trustee for Wildlife Trusts Wales.

Rosey cares passionately about promoting and nurturing acupuncture and our members; she believes an effective BAcC is an excellent vehicle for achieving this.