This site is designed to use features of the newer browsers such as Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 7+ and Safari 3+

This includes the use of javascript for effects and interactive features. If your browser is does not have javascript turned on, information is presented without the effects,  or an alternative format is provided.

Text size

Modern browsers have sophisticated means to zoom in and out of a page, incresing the legibility of text, and indeed some browsers such as safari have a "reader" mode that can strip out extraneous pictures etc to make reading a web page much easier for the visually impaired.


The css implentation on this site enables the page to be displayed without styling without a resulting loss of information, a feature useful for those who have difficulty reading certain colours. Using a tableless design (tables only contain information) is useful in this instance and for those using text-to-speech software.

Links and page titles are descriptive and relate to the content of the item

Documents where provided on the site are in the accessible PDF format - visit for details. Acrobat includes a text to speech mechanism which is particularly useful. Since the site also has the ability to produce a PDF of any page, this text-to-speech feature is readily available to most users.

Site map

This is automatically generated and creates an up-to-date map of the information available on the site.

RSS syndication

The News section features three feeds - "Acupuncture in the news", "Press releases" and "Press statements" which enable you to receive notifications of updates as they happen to these sections.