Application interview outline

Interviews and practice visits

Attending an interview

Applicants are invited to attend an interview in west London. The interview lasts approximately one-and-a-half hours and will be conducted by a panel of two BAcC practitioners chosen for their experience and expertise. They will be assisted an admissions co-ordinator who is also there to look after your needs on the day. The panel will include the Admissions Manager.

The interview typically covers four aspects of practice:

  • your case notes: most of the time will be spent discussing one set of the case notes you submit with your application. Your second notes will be discussed if thought necessary
  • point location exam: you will be asked to locate a number of commonly used acupuncture points, typically 12 points in 20 minutes
  • safe practice and professional conduct: to check your awareness of practice issues such as hygiene, sterilisation, and emergency procedures
  • western medicine: you will be asked to interpret a set of signs and symptoms from a western medical perspective prior to the interview.

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