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can acupuncture help elbow bursitis?


Q. Can acupuncture help elbow bursitis?


A. Elbow bursitis has not been researched as much as tennis elbow, so there isn't a great deal that we can say that is backed up by research. In general terms, although Chinese medicine has a large number of very subtle diagnostic categories and observations some of its basic premises are expressed in very much more simple terms. This are described 'in excess' or 'deficient', or 'blocked', and often the parts of the body which generate symptoms are classified according to whether there is 'heat', 'cold' or 'dampness' in the area. This may sound rather alien to the western ear, but these categories are often wonderfully descriptive of things look and feel to the sufferer, and of course they are backed by treatment protocols which aim to correct them.
Bursitis can be understood within Chinese medicine by employing this kind of categorisation, and if you visit a properly trained practitioner who can both examine how things are and perhaps how the problem arose in the first place they can give you an honest assessment about whether your specific case is amenable to treatment

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