Does anyone no if you can get acupuncture on the nhs for nerve pain thanx

With a problem like nerve pain there might just be an outside chance that you might qualify for some sessions at your local NHS Pain Clinic.

The provision of acupuncture within the NHS and free at point of delivery is not that good. Very few of our members now have contracts to provide a service with the current pressure on funding, and while a number of doctors may choose to offer some treatment, the majority of treatment available comes from physios who tend to use it within their scope of practice. The catch is that i someone chooses to offer treatment they have to have a good evidence base and the treatment has to fall within their scope of practice. In both cases this might lessen your chance of finding treatment locally with either a physio or doctor. You could, though, ask your GP for a referral in case he or she does know someone who could help.

Most areas have pain clinics, though, and these very often use acupuncture for chronic pain management. There is a relatively solid evidence base for acupuncture as a tool for pain relief, and if you can get a referral this might be one of the options you are offered. However, there does tend to be a limit to the number of sessions you will be offered, so it may not prove a long term solution.

It always pays to ask around our members for any info they have about other ways of getting affordable treatment. Most of us are prepared to reduce fees if there is a good case, although we tend not to advertise this fact because we end up with a great deal of bargaining by people who can usually well afford to pay but would like to strike a deal. Another option would be to see if there is a multi-bed facility in your area. Some members are offering treatments in a group setting a much lower rates, and details of these can be found on

Perhaps the best first steep, though, would be to talk to a local BAcC member to see whether the nerve pain you have is suitable for treatment. Most are, but some aren't, and it would be useful to know if it is worth pursuing something. Most of our colleagues are happy to give up a little time without charge to discuss treatment with prospective patients, and this might be a useful strategy for finding out if treatment is worth going after and whether they know of someone locally who may be able to help.

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