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What must be the duration between two acupuncture treatments?

A:  There are no set rules about the gaps between treatment, but the majority of UK practitioners will see someone weekly to begin with and then, depending on the condition, space the treatment out further. In some cases where someone has an acute condition the treatment may be twice weekly or even more. This would be the normal pattern in China, for example, where a course of treatment offered in an outpatients' department might involve daily treatment for ten days. However, in the UK this is often not possible because of clinic timetables and also, to be truthful, because working out payment schedules for multiple treatments in a short period of time is not to every BAcC member's taste.
The wisdom of weekly treatment is that this allows the practitioner to get a really good idea of how well the treatment has taken. Our old teachers used to use images like dropping a stone in a pond and waiting for the ripples to cease, or more appositely, clearing mud from the bottom of a pond and waiting for the water to clear again to see how well one had succeeded, but the message is intrinsically the same - treat too early and it may not be easy to make sense of what is happening.
By the same token most members do not like to leave long gaps between treatments when a course of treatment starts. It is important to be able to assess what changes have taken place, and after two or three weeks most patients, apart from the diary keepers, find it difficult to recall how they felt. Small changes which to a practitioner may have significance are not recalled. There is also a question of momentum; weekly treatment for the first four or five sessions often has greater accumulated power than the same number of treatments spread over several weeks.
If you have any queries about the specific gaps between your own treatments we are confident that your practitioner will be very happy to explain what is going on.  

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