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Please could you recommend a good acupuncturist in St Albans, Hertfordshire

A: The answer to your question is that from our perspective all BAcC members are good acupuncturists to have met the degree level entry requirement we have in place. The choice, therefore, is which is geographically closest, and you will find that if you enter St Albans in the search facility on our home page www.acupuncture.org.uk you will generate a list of the ten nearest practitioners. In fact, if you use the postcode search this becomes even more precise.

We are confident that all of our members in your area will be able to provide you with professional and effective treatment. However, we recognise that while a good rapport with a practitioner is not absolutely essential, most prospective patients like to see who they may be dealing with and where they work. You will find that nearly all of our members are happy to arrange for a brief visit and chat about whatever you might want to seek help for, and this will give you a chance to assess whether you can do business with them. You may even find that they recommend other forms of treatment alongside or instead of acupuncture, since their primary concern will be your well-being and the most effective way to restore balance.

Of course, equally effective is to ask a person who has already made the journey. If you know of anyone who has had acupuncture in your area they may well be a very useful and impartial source of good advice.

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