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How can I find a practitioner who includes the use of body magnets ?

A:  With some difficulty, we suspect. There was a considerable interest in the use of magnets on acupuncture points after a couple of presentations at our annual conferences well over a decade ago, but there has been a rather long period of silence thereafter. We think that there may well be one or two members who have become 'converts', but since the use of magnets is not within our usual scope of practice there hasn't been the development of a special interest group of which we are aware, as there is in the treatment of certain specific patient groups.

There is no doubt that there may be some substance in claims for efficacy, as this paper from around the same period demonstrates

We think the best way to track down whether there is someone who uses magnets may well be to ask some of the acupuncture product suppliers whether they maintain any records of training which they have offered in the use of magnets. We think it may be in breach of the Data Protection Act to supply you with details of their customers, but if you look at suppliers like Acumedic, Jong Baik, Scarboroughs, Oxford Medical, Balance Healthcare, Harmony and the like, there are often training courses which they point people towards for the use of products, and there may be conduit through the course organisers to BAcC members and other practitioners who have completed training in their use. This will be more to do with the technical and safety side than to do with acupuncture theory, but this is crucial for maximum safe therapeutic effect.

We just undertook a rapid search of google under the heading 'BAcC member magnets' and generated a number of useful leads across the UK, so this may in the end be the quickest way to find out by adding your home town to the search. 

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