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Could you please let me know anything about the acupuncturist at 34 sun street, Waltham abbey essex. I need somebody I can trust, but there are no reviews on this person and the web picture of this address looks a bit weird. I am in my 70's and I hav

We have checked the BAcC database and they show that one of our members is working from the address. Whether they are the only acupuncturist there is something we cannot tell: membership of a professional association or membership of the BAcC is not a statutory requirement, and there are practitioners who choose to operate independently. We think, however, that this is one of our members, and she appears to be working alongside a statutorily regulated chiropractor

If it is  you can rest assured that you are being treated by someone who is properly trained and qualified. To enter the BAcC someone must have completed three years of degree level training at an accredited college, and over the last twenty years the training for UK acupuncture practitioners has developed tremendously. As a member of the BAcC she is fully insured under our group policy, and also required to abide by some extremely high professional standards, especially in matters of safe practice and conduct.It is not unusual for many of our members to work solely with Yellow Page entries, referrals from the BAcC website and word of mouth referrals. Many choose not to have websites, sometimes because the restrictions on what we can say are quite strictly policed by the Advertising Standards Authority, but mainly because they would rather explain what they do and how they work directly. Some female practitioner also feel a little exposed when advertising their services, and we are sorry to say that we have had cases of stalking and inappropriate attention.We are confident that you can contact her with complete confidence. We are not sure what she charges, but think that this is something you would be better advised to discuss with her directly. We are sure that she will also be willing and able to discuss her marketing strategy, but more to the point we are sure that she will be able to offer you the help that you need if acupuncture treatment is the most appropriate way to address your concerns. 

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