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What are the principles and practices of acupuncture

Q: What are the principles and practices of acupuncture?

A: We like a challenge but this is a little steep even for us. Not that we can't answer your question, but because the answer would run to several thousand words, which is a little beyond our remit.

Our website,, has a number of sections under the 'about us' and 'traditional acupuncture' buttons which provide a very brief and rudimentary explanation of what we do. For something more comprehensive, though, you would probably need to get hold of a book which explains in greater detail how the systems we use where and how they originated. The 'go to' text when we all trained in the latter part of the last century was Ted Kaptchuk's book 'The Web that has no Weaver' but since that time there have been a few more books by senior practitioners like John and Angela Hicks, or Peter Mole, which give thorough explanations of what we do and why we do it.

The challenge for any author in the West is how to present a 2500 year tradition in a comprehensible way when the very culture in which the original theories was embedded is vastly different from the western culture in which we live. Chinese language is able to express subtle shades between black and white in a way our language cannot, and the kind of internal logic of the language and concepts of yin and yang are embedded in the way that people actually think. Getting this across in a language and structure of thought which is very different can be a problem.

Not only this, whereas western medicine can be viewed as an expanding ball developing from a commonly agreed centre, Chinese medicine is inherently pluralistic. This arises in part from the fact that until the mid-1950s it was very much an apprentice trained tradition. There are many textbooks which have been handed on for thousands of years, but the basic principles have been applied in a myriad ways, some of which can actually be contradictory but nonetheless part of a practitioner's basic skill set. You can imagine the challenge that this represents even to learn the various systems, let alone try to explain the whole field thoroughly to an interested party.

If you are trying to get hold of a much briefer introduction there is a small pocket book which cnan be found here

We used to sell copies of this from the office to members who wanted something small to lend or sell to prospective patients. While it could do with a minor update it still offers a very simple but useful overview of what we do.

We are sorry that we can't go into much greater depth here, but the resources available online and in books are now so good that it wouldn't make sense to give a partial and over-short explanation here. We hope that you enjoy finding out about what we do.

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