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Anxiety where will the needles be put

Q. Anxiety where will the needles be put?

A. A very difficult question to answer because of the nature of Chinese medicine. Whereas in the West each condition has a set treatment, in Chinese medicine we treat the person, not the condition. This means that we take everything about someone into account when we make a diagnosis, and then use the theoretical framework of the system to determine where the needles go.

Obviously there are some points which are quite frequently used, and some of the 'cookbook' treatment protocols will say 'for anxiety needle x'. Rather worryingly some modern Chinese practice has become a little similar. These points can sometimes work, even in the absence of a proper diagnosis, but not as well as when someone it treated properly. Many of these points lie on or near the wrist crease.

Generally speaking, though, the majority of points used in the early stages of treatment are on the arm below the elbow and on the leg below the knee. These tend to be the starting point, and very often do all that is needed. Occasionally there are blockages which will see needles used on the torso, and occasionally again on the back, but most practitioners will start off quite gently. As treatment progresses there may be some body points brought to bear, especially on the upper back, but nothing about which anyone needs to feel the slightest bit worried.

The important thing you have to remember is that treatment can only take place with the consent of the patient, and if someone decides that there are 'no go' areas, then they can ask that this be acknowledged and followed. If a practitioner says that they cannot work under those circumstances, and some might, then it's just a matter of finding a new practitioner. We can't compel someone to treat a patient, a practitioner can't compel a patient to have a treatment they don't want.

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