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After seeing an improvement after 6 acupuncture sessions will it get worse of stay the same if sessions end?

A:  This depends a great deal on the kind of condition which the practitioner has been treating, and in every case it is a judgement call. 

There are some conditions where the body simply reverts to good health, and it is quite clear that no more treatment will be required. This is often the case in helping recovery from a sports injury or a digestive problem brought on  by specific causes. In these cases the practitioner will usually advise the patient to contact them at the first sign of some return of the problem.

At the other end of the spectrum are the conditions where it is quite clear that someone is going to need maintenance treatment for a very long time, even though the immediate presenting symptoms have gone. When helping people through acute episodes of depression or anxiety, or when dealing with an age related deterioration in the lower back, getting past the initial acute phase of trouble may well need to be supplemented by regular maintenance treatment, and this was very much the understanding of acupuncture treatment in ancient times. The job of the doctor was to keep you well as much as to get you better.

The trickiest cases are where someone looks like they have got rid of a problem but may need further treatment. In this expert's experience migraines often respond very well to weekly treatment, and after five or six sessions there has often been a tremendous change. However, there may be a need to treat someone monthly for two or three months to consolidate the progress, and just telling people to give you a call in a month's time never seems to work. People forget, and then two or three months later get a migraine and conclude that acupuncture didn't work. It is sometimes  a challenge to book someone a month ahead when they feel better, but experience suggests that this is the best way to make conditions like this stay gone.

Each person is unique and different, however, as is their treatment, so although we can offer general guidelines like this it would really be a matter to discuss with your practitioner. Most are keen not to over-treat, and will review progress at regular intervals to make sure that treatment does not become a 'habit', however enjoyable. It is fair to say, though, that many of us take the view that the ancient system of staying well rather than getting better is the right way to work, and encourage patients to start to take this view of their health with regular treatment and with adjustments to their lifestyles. It was an often repeated saying in the old days of training, and maybe still is, that patients will not give a second thought to putting their car in for an annual service costing over £1000 but will baulk at five sessions a year to keep themselves in trim.

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