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Can I have acupuncture treatments two days in a row?

Q: Can I have acupuncture treatments two days in a row? Is it harmful in any way? I am in a time crunch before vacation so hoping it’s ok!

A: There is no safety reason to stop you having treatment on consecutive days. Indeed, in China it is not unusual for someone to have a course of treatment daily for up to two weeks.

However, this is usually reserved for acute conditions of chronic conditions which are proving stubborn to shift. For most of the regular constitutional work it wouldn't be necessary, and might even be a waste of money. One of our old teachers used to say that if you were clearing mud from the bottom of a garden pond you would stir the water up and wouldn't be able to see how effective you had been until a couple of days later when the remaining mud sank. He always believed that it was impossible to judge whether what you had done was the best possible treatment until you had given the body time to react.

Our advice, then, would depend on the kind of condition which took you to acupuncture treatment. If it is a long term hard to shift problem or a short term acute one then consecutive treatments might be advisable. If it is a more subtle problem there is probably nothing to be gained by having more treatments. Your practitioner is best placed to advise you. They will be able to make a professional judgement about what is best for your unique circumstances.

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