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I suffer from seizures and broke same ankle 3 times.. Cause of that my chronic back pain is worse

We're not quite sure whether you are asking about having sessions of acupuncture with your GP or whether you are considering asking your GP whether it is OK to have acupuncture.

If it is the former, then we suspect you may not get very far. There are quite a few doctors who now incorporate acupuncture within their day to day practice, but generally speaking they are normally only allowed to do so when there is an evidence base for the condition which they are trying to treat. For a variety of complex reasons most of the research into acupuncture doesn't pass muster with the UK regulatory agencies, and chronic lower back pain is one of the few that does. Unfortunately NICE, which used to recommend ten sessions of acupuncture for chronic lower back pain, has recently reversed its ruling, so it is now unlikely that your GP will take advantage of this to refer you on or to treat you themselves.

There is nothing to stop you asking your GP if he or she is happy to give you acupuncture treatment, and most GP practices have at least one partner who uses acupuncture regularly. In terms of getting treatment free at point of delivery, this is perhaps your one and only option.

In terms of safety with the problems which you have, there is nothing in the literature to suggest that any of your health issues might make acupuncture a bad idea. We have experience of treating people with all of these problems. We are always careful with epileptic patients, but that is mainly because many want to get off their medications and we would never make that recommendation, however successful treatment may appear to be. When a condition is well controlled even GPs are reluctant to interfere with the treatment plan. As far as mental health issues are concerned we advise members to be aware of their limitations. Although we take detailed case histories and explore many problems with patients there are some areas where a practitioner needs specific skills in addition to acupuncture training to be able to understand the kinds of problems with which they are dealing. We regard mental health issues as one such area, and we are in the process of exploring standards for expert practice which would define what additional training a practitioner should have.

As far as the back problems are concerned, we feel confident that acupuncture treatment may well be able to help, but you may find it worthwhile to discuss your complex health background with a local practitioner before committing to treatment. Most acupuncturists are happy to give up a little time without charge to discuss with prospective patients whether acupuncture is the best option for them.

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