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Traditional acupuncturists not listed on website - are they safe?

Q: I am seeing a traditional acunpunturist in my area who is not listed on your website. Is that safe? 

A: Not all BAcC members are listed on our website under the 'Find a Practitioner' feature. Some choose not to advertise in this way, and prefer either not to advertise or to use their own means. However, the website is in the process of being re-designed, and very shortly will have a full register of members in order for members of the public to check whether someone is a bona fide member.
There are several other smaller acupuncture organisations besides the BAcC and all have codes of professional conduct and require their members either to take up the professional insurance which they arrange or show proof of their insurance as a basis for registration. The vast majority of acupuncturists working in the UK are properly trained, fully insured and professionally accountable for their behaviour. On top of that acupuncture remains one of the safest therapies of all kinds, with remarkably few serious adverse events. We feel that you can be reassured by this overall position.
However, we would say that any professional worth their salt will be only too happy to tell you what their qualifications are, where they obtained them, which professional associations they belong to and who their insurance cover is provided by. If the practitioner shows any reluctance to provide any of this information, then you might be well advised to seek help elsewhere. In any event if you did want to check whether someone did belong to the BAcC or check whether the information they give you is sound we shall be more than happy to oblige.

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