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Large lump appeared on the back of my neck and severe headache after acupuncture, cupping and electrodes.

Q:  I have had accupuncture and cupping and electrodes on my back for whiplash and headaches. Second time yesterday and last night a large lump appeared on back of neck right side and severe headache all over

A: Without being able to see the problem at first hand it is very difficult to say what might be happening here. Each of the three types of treatment can generate what are called 'transient adverse events', i.e small things like bruises or lumps which generally persist for no more than 48 hours. Of the three, cupping has the most obvious potential for creating a bump if it causes blistering of the skin. On the neck, however, it may be less likely that you had cups in place (although we are not quite sure where on the neck you mean) and the next most likely problem is a small bruise beneath the surface of the skin.

Whether this is related to the headache is difficult to say. Although transient adverse events are rare, they can lead to secondary problems, especially if a lump or bump presses on a nerve. This may not be the reason, though. Amongst the more frequent of the few transient advents we see headaches are quite common, especially where we have been trying to reinstate the flow of energy through an area like the neck which may have an impact on the channels of energy on the head.

However, this is all speculation. The best person to speak to in the first place is the practitioner who gave you the treatment. He or she will know exactly what they did and where, and can perhaps make sense of the fact that you have a lump where you describe. We hope that they are not defensive about this; accidents happen even in very safe professions like ours, and finding out what has happened and sorting it out is more important that arguing about liability. If this does not provide an answer and the problem persists for more than 48 hours it is perhaps worth making an appointment with your GP to be sure that there is nothing requiring treatment.

Generally speaking, problems like this do tend to resolve quickly, often before someone has had a reply from us, and we hope that this is the case here. The important thing, though, is to gather as much information as you can so that anyone you talk to can make a rapid judgement about what might be happening.

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