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Pain after acupuncture for sprained ankle is this normal?

Q: I have had an ankle sprain for quite a few weeks now and decided to go for acupuncture  .After the  session I feel the pain has become more active and I can feel a tingling sensation. Is it normal to feel like this or what could have went wrong?

A:  It is not uncommon for the treatment of sprains and muscular problems to feel a little different after treatment, occasionally becoming more noticeable and often accompanied by the sorts of tingling sensations which you are experiencing. This is almost always a good sign that the treatment has taken, and that there will be improvements to follow.

Damage from treatment is quite rare, and when it does happen tend to be more fixed and specific in cases where there has been a small bruise or the impingement of a nerve. There is also usually a visible sign at one of the needle sites of slight redness or bruising.

We think that the discomfort will soon ease. However, if it does continue, the first person you should speak to is the practitioner. He or she knows what they have done, and will be able to make sense of the reactions you are having. In the extremely unlikely event that this persists for more than 48 hours, you might want to ask your doctor to take a look, but usually reactions like this subside within three days, and in most cases are a good sign that the treatment is working.


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