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I started accupuncture today for lower back pain is it normal for my lower back to swell after this treatment ?

A: We would say that this is not impossible but not normal. A great deal depends on what you mean by swelling. Is the whole lower back swollen or just the area where the needle was inserted? is there any bruising? Does the area hurt without you touching it or is it something you can actually feel when you are walking around?

Without a lot more information we are a bit stumped as to what to advise. It is not unknown for people to experience a little more discomfort after a first treatment, and this usually resolves after 48 hours at the latest. If a problem persists after that it may be that there has been a slight bruising in deeper tissue which will eventually emerge. On very rare occasions it can also be an allergic reaction to the needles themselves, but we think this is highly unlikely.

The best advice we can give is that you contact the practitioner and pop back in for him or her to see. If the swelling persists for more than 48 hours you might also want to pop along to your GP just for reassurance.

We suspect that this is a transient reaction and should disappear quite quickly, and our best would be on deep bruising. However, it is important that your practitioner takes note of this

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