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Gaining membership for British Acupuncture Council

Q:  I am in my final year ( third year) student at Meiji University center for Acupuncture and Physiotherapy in Kyoto, Japan. What should I do exactly to gain membership at the British Acupuncture council?

A: This is somewhat tricky. If you meant coming to work in the UK , then it would simply be a matter of applying to us by following the process outlined on this page of our website

 As long as there were no issues about work permits and visas the process is straightforward and takes three to four months from start to finish.

However, if you meant becoming an Overseas member that would be more of a challenge to our systems. Many years ago we amended our constitution to restrict Overseas membership to only those people who had been Full members already or who had graduated from a recognised accredited college in the UK. We had become aware that some Overseas members were using the status inappropriately and implying that we had more jurisdiction over their work than was possible at distance, and could provide assurances about people's standards and insurance. We do not have the resources to do this, so we chose to restrict membership to those whose standards we are more confident about.

 However, there are always exceptions to every rule, and in some cases it might be possible to make an application. We don't think that it is very likely to be accepted, given the rules for Overseas Membership are so precise, but things change, and if you lodge an interest there may be a chance that in future a category of membership will arise and enable you to join.

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