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Is it safe to have acupuncture after a total colectomy

Q:  Is it safe to have accupunture 5 years after a total colectomy with new pouch and rectum. All the large bowel was taken away. So my small bowel is flopped down over over everything

A:  It is perfectly safe, as far as we are aware, to have acupuncture treatment after a colectomy. Assuming that all of the wounds caused by the operation have healed well, and that there were no post-operative complications for which you are receiving further treatment or on medication, then we believe that treatment can do no harm, and may well be of benefit.

There are a number of situations where the removal of the physical organ, such as the gall bladder, spleen, or in your case large intestine, may have implications for the Organ (we always capitalise this because in Chinese medicine Organs are functional entities ranging over body, mind and emotion) in its other functions, as understood from a Chinese medicine perspective, and we are often able to support the affected Organ when the physical part of it has been removed.

You do not say in your question whether there aspects of your post-operative situation which you would like to improve or whether it is simply for general health and well-being that you are keen to explore treatment. We do find that this latter aspect is often very important after major surgery. The whole system is often very seriously affected by major surgery, and acupuncture treatment in its most ancient traditional forms was all about helping the body to regain normal balance and function. However, there may be specific aspects of your digestive function which may continue to give you problems, and it is possible, within the constraints of working with a functionally altered set-up, that acupuncture treatment may be of benefit.

There is obviously no research, at least in English, that we can find which looks at acupuncture after colectomy, and your situation will be unique to so. This is why we always advise people to ask a BAcC member local to them for advice after a brief face to face assessment. This is likely to be more informed and informative than anything we can offer at this distance. We are sure that they will be interested in exploring with you the circumstances which led to your operation and whether this shows evidence of patterns of imbalance which might inform their advice on what is possible for you.A: 

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