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Is acupuncture good in treating IBS ?

As our fact sheet shows   please click here   there is some good evidence to suggest that acupuncture may be able to help with IBS. In fact, IBS networks report that acupuncture is one of the most commonly used alternative or complementary therapes to which patients turn when they do not find benefits from orthodox medicine and pursue another course of action.
Digestive disorders are as old as human beings, and the ancient Chinese treated them in the same way that they treated all imbalances and weaknesses, by trying to understand what functional disturbances there were in the patient's system. IBS is used to cover a wide range of problems, from changes, discomfort and irrgeularity in bowel habit to bloating and pain. Chinese physiology, which is based on an entirely different conceptual basis from western medicine, would point to specific functional disturbances in organs as understood by the ancient Chinese, and the practitioner will use other signs from the patient's overall presentation to understand more fully what is going on and to refine the diagnosis. In some of the more ancient systems of Chinese medicine the specific symptoms were and are less relevant than the overall balance, and the diagnostic process was aimed at established what help was needed where to encourage the whole system to work better. The underlying belief was that a system in balance removed any symptoms, all of which were only alarm bells which pointed to a need to correct the overall balance, and that treating symptoms alone was like turning off a fire alarm, not putting out the fire.
In any event, there is enough evidence to suggest that visiting a BAcC member local to you for advice may be the best course of action so that you can discuss with them exactly how the condition manifests and whether they think they may be able to offer some help.

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