Would you be able to asist us in a rare disorder called Gastropersis?

Gastroparesis has been the subject of some limited research, and there are encouraging reports that acupuncture may be a useful as part of the treatment strategy. One 2010 case study is reported:





and in 2004, a slightly more complex study



suggested that acupuncture might be helpful. However, the whole body of evidence is a long way short of what health commissioners in the West would regard as sufficiently conclusive to make any definite claims.


Chinese medicine, however, uses an entirely different conceptual structure to understand the body and mind in good health and in disease, and the diagnostic systems are often able to make sense of symptoms in terms of functional weakness in a way that is alien to western medicine. Since each person has a unique pattern of energy it is impossible to say for under-researched areas of illness that acupuncture would be of definite benefit. However some of the symptoms which are regularly associated with the condition fall very neatly into diagnostic patterns and syndromes in Chinese medicine for which an estbablished range of treatments do exist. It would be worthwhile talking to a BAcC member local to you to establish whether, in their view, acupuncture may be able to help.


Even if there is not a direct equivalence, it is worth bearing in mind that some of the systems of Chinese medicine work in a very different way, aiming to re-balance the body's energies, without specific regard to symptoms, in the belief that a system in balance will not create the alarm bells which symptoms represent. This can be as powerful as direct treatment of the symptom.

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