Could acupuncture help with very early stage non-hodgkins lymphoma?

Acupuncture should not be used as the primary treatment for cancers of any kind. Our advice to members is that if they treat people with cancers the treatment cannot be described as helping to treat the cancer, nor should they create any expectations in the patient that cure or remission are possible. We would be extremely concerned if anyone did not avail themselves of all the possible support available from conventional medicine because they had been led to believe that acupuncture could replace the normal treatment.



It is true, however, that many people choose to use acupuncture alongside the conventional treatment as a part of their strategy for dealing with the disease, and there are some symptoms arising from the cancers for which there is evidence that acupuncture is beneficial. One of the leading American acupuncturists and authors, Bob Flaws, has published a number of articles such as


which describe how a Chinese medicine practitioner may use herbal medicine alongside conventional treatment for lymphomas. He is something of a visionary and trailblazer, however, and the research which we quotes is as yet very limited. There is undoubted scientific interest in this kind of approach, with the Chinese in particular looking at the integrated use of traditional and conventional medicine.

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