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Can modern acupuncture help with asthma

We're not entirely sure what you mean by 'modern acupuncture'? This can either mean western medical acupuncture of a kind used most often by doctors, or it can mean traditional acupuncture used in a way which is aimed at a specific condition rather than using it in a traditional way which sees named conditions as the manifestation of a deeper pattern of disharmony.



The research which has been done has used both types. We have summarised the information in a Review Paper to be found here but this is a fairly dense piece of information in comparison with our fact sheets which are a little easier to access. The summary of findings is encouraging but not conclusive. This is not a surprise to us, though; the format for running trials of acupuncture for asthma are not particularly sensitive to the way acupuncture is practised in everyday use. There is a long history of treating asthma-related conditions in Chinese medicine, and we hope that in time this is validated by research which meets the current western models of best practice.

The one factor which it is very important to bear in mind is that doctors are reluctant to encourage people to come off the long term medications which they are taking for asthma, especially steroids. We encourage our members to be careful only to talk in terms of reducing the medications over which patients can exercise some choice, the 'puffers' like salbutamol/ventolin.

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