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Acupuncture and sarcoidosis

Q:  I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in my lungs 18 months ago. I was told by my GP at the time I had chronic scarring on my lungs as a result. I had another x- ray recently and the condition still exists. I suffer from shortness of breath and at times have to take an inhaler. I am really anxious to know if acupunture could be of any benefit to me.

A:  There is very little research to support the use of acupuncture in the treatment of sarcoidosis, and that is a requirement for us to be able to offer the kind of advice which you seek.

If you do a websearch, however, you will find individual case studies such as this one about the use of Chinese herbal medicine and sarcoidosis

which illustrate very clearly the problem of trying to treat named western conditions with traditional Chinese medicine. The authors are at pains to point out that there is very rarely a one to one correspondence between a disease and a syndrome as understood in Chinese medicine, and more to the point, each person will present an individual syndrome pattern which has generated the symptoms which are gathered together under the western heading 'sarcoidosis.'

Symptoms are the bridge between different systems of medicine, the one factor which is usually not in dispute, Chinese medicine has an entirely different conceptual framework against which those symptoms are assessed and interpreted, and from our perspective it would be a matter of seeing how your symptoms arose and how they manifest. Chinese medicine systems are 2500 years old and although they may at times use language which is alien to most westerners there is considerable sophistication in how the whole system is interpreted.

The only advice we can give you for a condition such as yours is that you visit a BAcC practitioner local to you and seek their advice based on a face to face assessment of whether treatment may be beneficial. Chinese medicine certainly has a long tradition of treating breathing difficulties, and many differential diagnoses for their cause, but from a distance we are unable to say whether your symptom pattern 'fits' any of these classifications.

What we would say, however, by way of advice is that with chronic conditions such as this it is very important to establish good outcome measures to assess progress while at the same time acknowledging the continuing damage which the condition causes. We are sometimes asked questions by patients who have had twenty or thirty sessions with no discernible benefit, and we are most keen that BAcC members undertake regular reviews to establish whether the treatment is of benefit.

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