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Can acupuncture help moderate sleep apnoea

Q:  Can acupuncture help moderate sleep apnoea? Are there any outcome studies that compare acupuncture for moderate sleep apnoea with C-pap technologies?

A:  Rather oddly we have not been asked questions about the use of acupuncture treatment in sleep apnea before, and on investigation we found three studies appear to give very encouraging results. As always the studies are rather small, and this does mean that they are not really considered robust enough to make substantive claims for what might be possible. However, they are significantly better than some we see which fail to draw any conclusions.

Unfortunately there are no studies which compare the use of acupuncture with C-Pap machines. The trials all test acupuncture against sham acupuncture, itself a rather difficult comparison because it is based on the premise that sham acupuncture has no effects, where from our perspective it may simply be testing sub-optimal treatment against optimal treatment. We suspect it might be possible to find research data from the use of C-pap machines and compare the outcomes, but this is beyond what we can meaningfully generate and fraught with methodological problems.

The issue for us, though, is not whether there is evidence of studies to underpin the treatment but whether there are discernible patterns of disturbance in the energy of the body which give some clue in Chinese medicine terms about what is happening. Some systems of TCM have very specific syndromes where the symptoms of apnea are accompanied by other pathological changes which point directly to potential treatments, but even this is not an essential requirement for successful treatment. The very early systems of diagnosis and treatment were often asymptomatic, literally treating the person rather than the condition with which they presented, in the simple belief that a system in balance took care of itself.

The best advice we can offer, and usually do, is to visit a BAcC member local to you for a brief face to face assessment of what may be possible. This will be able to take into account some of the unique aspects of your presentation which will better inform a skilled practitioner about what is going on.


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