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Acupuncture and infertility

Q:  I am doing a presentation on infertility and acupuncture what research journals/articles and books do you suggest I can read to help me with my presenttion?

A:  Our factsheet on fertility gives a number of references to journals and papers but these are probably not the sort of thing you would find most useful. We are also not sure how academic or informal your presentation is going to be.
Our own choices for presenting a paper on this topic would be:
1) We would check out what articles have appeared in our 'house' journal. the European Journal of Oriental Medicine. Our whole archive is now online, and these two items, found by using the search facility, would be handy,
They contain a number of references to the main books and journals which you can track down, and the wider search will also give you a number of references to articles about the ethics of IVF and acupuncture and some interesting case studies
2) There is also a useful research resource in America, NCBI, whose website contains many of the main free databases for research. Typing 'ncbi acupuncture' and whatever you want to research into google will generate a number of hits such as this one which we have not cited on our factsheet
3) There are always magazine articles and opinion pieces, especially in the United States, and the article below is one of several of a kind which we are sometimes asked to provide on topics like anxiety, stress and so on.
4) Finally there are first hand accounts which often personalise the process and offer a user's perspective. Rowan Pelling's piece in the Guardian a few years ago is a good example.

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