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Q. Is there a therapist in Exeter or close by who deals in infertility and discomfort  associated with Hughes syndrome and Sjogrens syndrome.


A. I am afraid that the BAcC doesn't make individual recommendations. From our perspective all of our members are able to work with anyone seeking their help. This is a commitment to what we call 'generalism', and in fact in ancient China the generalists were held in higher esteem than specialists who were seen to be limited!
However, the BAcC realises that many of its members undertake specialist postgraduate training in areas such as paediatrics and obstetrics, and is looking at how to accredit this training in such a way that people who focus their work on groups with specific needs can be identified as such and advertise the fact that they do. This is still some way from final agreement.
The best short term solution is to speak to members based in the Exeter area and ask their advice on who it is best to see. Most local networks are very clear about who in their number focuses their work on infertility issues and are usually happy to make personal recommendations.

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