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Is there an acupuncturist specialising in IVF in the north east?

Q:  My daughter-in-law is looking for a Acupuncturist that specialises in IVF in the North East, where do we start looking ?

A:  We do not really have a category of 'specialists' as such, because from our perspective all of our members are competent, safe and well-trained in Chinese medicine, and are all equally wel-equipped to treat appropriately whatever people bring to their practices.
We have recognised, however, that there are members who focus their work on specific patient groups, one of which is the treatment of women in all stages of the reproductive process, from trying to get pregnant through to childbirth and beyond. We are still working on the standards which will enable someone to claim expertise and advertise themselves as such, but in the interim it is a relatively straightforward process of entering 'acupuncture' and 'fertility' with your town name in Google, and we are confident that you will find someone who works with women with fertility issues and who is a BAcC member.
If this fails, then the best option is to use the BAcC 'find a practitioner' search facility to locate someone based near you and ask them who is the best qualified to help in your area. We all know those people local to us who focus on obstetrics or paediatrics, and are more than happy to see a prospective patient find the optimal treatment for them with the most suitable practitioner. 

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