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Acupuncture and ovulation

Q:  Last year I had an ectopic pregnancy in my left fallopian tube and then an early miscarriage 6 months later. My left tube is now blocked but my right is open.  I had about 3 acupuncture sessions last Aug/Sept and the woman put a needle in my wrist which caused a big electric shock sensation and ever since I have had mild tingling in that arm and wrist. The thing that is worrying me terribly is that I now only ovulate from my left ovary (I know this as I get ovulation pains).  As my left fallopian is blocked however, this means I cannot conceive. 

I'm so worried that the nerve damage that was caused in my left wrist has somehow caused me also to only ovulate from my left ovary. Please can you confirm whether this may be the case and whether the pressure points in the wrist or arm correspond to ovulation. 

How can I get my body to ovulate from the right side -should I try further acupuncture sessions?  I'm so worried that the acupuncture has made me infertile. I conceived twice last year within 6 months and since the acupuncture nothing has happened.


A:  The most important thing to say is that there is no possibility in either conventional or traditional Chinese medicine terms that a needle placed in the wrist will have affected your ovulation in the right ovary. We are a little concerned, though, that you are still experiencing discomfort in the area, and were you to be seeing us we would by now have referred you to a GP to have a further referral on to a neurologist. In our experience, needling the area in the wrist crease can sometimes casue acute pain if the practitioner touches the median nerve, and it is also possible that deep bruising which can sometimes happen at the same time can occasionally put pressure on the nerve for a while, causing the symptoms you describe. Almost all of these problems resolve eventually, but it is always wisest to seek a referral before too much time has elapsed in case there is another intervention worth pursuing.
As far as ovulation is concerned, we would probably advise you to check as carefully as possible whether your right ovary is not functioning. Basal temperature checks may be a good idea, but if you have any doubts based on your normal experience of ovulation being a very palpable one, then it is very important that you have this checked by blood tests or internal examinations. You mention in your question that you conceived twice last year, which suggests that you miscarried twice as well. If so, you do need to have more formal conventional medical examinations to establish what is going on.
As far as further acupuncture treatment is concerned, we are sure that it will do no harm, and there are good possibilities that it may be beneficial. Although we do not have defined specialisms within acupuncture, three areas - obstetrics, paediatrics and mental health - are areas where some postgraduate training is both wise and helpful, not to increase someone's Chinese medicine knowledge as such, but to consider it more carefully in relation to the western diagnosis and treatment in these areas. If you choose to have more treatment, we would strongly recommend that you look for a practitioner who has undertaken specialist training in fertility and pregnancy. A simple google search of acupuncture, fertility and your area should elicit the names of BAcC members local to you with these skills. It wouldin our view be worthwhile asking the advice of someone face to face about the fact that you have experience changes in your ovulation pattern. 

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