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Can acupuncture help stimulate ovulation

Q:  My husband and I have just started our first IUI (intra uterine insemination) treatment. I began injections to stimulate ovulation and have a second scan planned for 24th next week. I wondered if I should have an acupuncture treatment to hopefully help the process? And at which point in the cycle do you think would be best?

A:  There are no hard and fast rules about the use of acupuncture during IVF and IUI, although over the years a kind of consensus has emerged that weekly treatment as an overall constitutional benefit is a solid foundation for preparation for IUI, and then specific treatments just before and just after the IUI to maximise the chances of success.

There are a number of practitioners out there in what has become something of a growth industry who offer the treatments at the time of the IUI without any other treatments, i.e. are not qualified acupuncturists but have trained in a few limited techniques. This can have benefits, just as the more well-known Paulus Protocol has been shown to increase the success rate of IVF. However, much as we like to see evidence for the success of acupuncture treatment we are committed as generalists to treating people, and the use of formula points for specific issues not only goes against our collective grain but also seems to us to short change the patient. We believe that marrying some of these specific interventions to a more all-embracing constitutional approach is far better, and for that you really need to be seeing a professionally trained and qualified practitioner.

We are in the process of drawing up guidelines for areas of expert practice like obstetrics and paediatrics because we have an increasingly large number of members who spend the majority of their time working with pregnant or infertile women, or children. We intend to set standards through which they can claim to be expert practitioners and by which we can identify them from our membership when asked questions like this. At the moment, though, we cannot point you to individual practitioners, but we are absolutely certain that if you enter 'acupuncture fertility BAcC' and the area where you live you are pretty much guaranteed to find a member with a special interest in fertility issues who will be able to offer you the very best advice about what to do, and will almost certainly be able to gear that advice to your specific situation better than the sort of generic advice we offer here.

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