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We are very sorry to hear of your problems. Our experience of working with women with several IVF attempts behind them is that the emotional consequences of the constant cycle of hope and disappointment can weigh heavily for a very long time.

However, the fact that you are still producing good quality eggs is a cause for hope, although your age is starting to become a factor. While this is the case, and while your partner's sperm are still in good shape, there is still a chance of a natural conception, and the use of acupuncture can perhaps make the body as well prepared as it can be for this.

An increasing number of our members now undertake specialist postgraduate training in fertility and obstetrics, and while we pride ourselves on our generalist practice, we are likely before long to recognise one or two areas of expert practice, this being one and paediatrics the other. This would mean recognising the training which someone had and allowing them to claim expertise. As such we are not yet in a position to point you towards someone in your area with that particular form of expertise, but if you type 'acupuncture fertility and your home town' into google we suspect that two or three names at least will pop up with the requisite background.

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speaks of a number of studies of mixed quality which suggest that acupuncture can have an impact, but there are no special points to use which make conception more likely. Our experience is that dealing with someone's overall balance, as we do with all patients, is often the single best way of helping someone to conceive. The reasons why conception fails are often linked to functional disturbances in the system as a whole, and correcting these maximises the chance of a natural pregnancy simply by improving someone's overall health. The advantage of seeking out someone with specialist training, though, is that there are often related factors to do with diet and exercise which can help a woman to have a better chance to conceive, and these may not be a factor in everyone's undergraduate training.

The majority of our members are happy to give up a little time without charge to discuss with prospective patients whether acupuncture might be a good option for them, and we recommend this as your first move. We are confident that the advice that you give will have your best interests at heart, not simply an invitation to sign up immediately

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