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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 11:47

I have been diagnosed with an over active bladder...

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Q:  I have been diagnosed with an over active bladder. i am taking medication but find i am still having problems. is this something acupuncture is known to help with.


A:  As you can imagine, we receive the same questions quite frequently, but with the section now over a year old, some of the answers are more difficult to locate in the archive. The question and answer from last year were:


Can acupuncture alleviate symptoms of an irritable bladder?

Q:  I have been diagnosed with an irritable bladder. Can acupuncture alleviate my symptoms, which is an urgent need to urinate.


A: As our factsheet shows  there is some evidence to suggest that urgency of urination can be helped by acupuncture, although there is not yet anywhere near enough evidence to make substantive claims here. If you search the internet there are a number of studies such as this one  which offer some hope.
However, we have to remind ourselves sometimes that Chinese medicine has been dealing with problems like this for over 2000 years, and has a very sophisticated process for understanding patients' symptoms against a backdrop of an entirely different conceptual framework. The understanding of the body as a system of energy, 'qi', in flow and the concepts of yin and yang to describe its flow and inter-relationships is very alien to the western ear. However, the rather wider understanding of organs as functional units with effects on body mind and spitit, and the underlying premise that symptoms are alarm bells, not the problem itself, can sometimes offer possibilities for understanding a problem in a far wider context. This will often be corroborated by other problems which a patient suffers and by diagnostic signs which the practitioner sees, and can often lead to a situation where a practitioner can tell the patient about symptoms that they haven't yet mentioned. If the problem is a part of a recognised syndrome or pattern of symptoms a practitioner will be able to give a clear idea of prognosis. Even if it doesn't the attempt to re-establish balance in the system can also have an effect on individual symptoms.
We recommend that you talk to a BAcC member local to you an ask for their advice in a brief face to face consultation whether they think that they can help you. We trust that they will give you an honest assessment, and refer you on to other modalities of treatment if they felt that these offered a better prospect of success.

We think this still reflects our view. There has been no further research of which we are aware, although there is a study which we did not mention on the last occasion from 1995 which shows encouraging results but is small in number and mainly dealing with men.

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