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What are the contra-indications for auricular acupuncture?

A:  This is not easy for us to answer. Although some of our members use auricular acupuncture, it is not a part of the mainstream traditional acupuncture tradition, having really developed in thelast half century in Europe, although based on Chinese understanding of inter-relationships between parts of the body. This American site:
provides an answer to your specific question, as well as offering a great deal more information about the tradition and the way that it is practised in the  US.
There are a number of UK organisations which offer auricular acupuncture, many of which have grouped together to form an umbrella body called the Microsystems Acupuncture Regulatory Working Group. Further details of its work, and the contact numbers for its members can be found on
This may be able to provide you with more information, should you need it.

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