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Can acupuncture help an inner ear problem?

Q:  I have been diagnosed with an inner ear problem that is causing pressure and discomfort. Can acupuncture help?

A:  A great deal depends on what is causing the pressure. Although we work with a system of medicine which rests on an entirely different basis from conventional medicine, we have the advantage of an understanding of the inner workings of the body which the ancient Chinese would have loved to have. If there are gross physical reasons for the pressure being in your ear, like narrowing or stenosis of some of the fluid conduits, then acupuncture treatment isn't going to be any use at all. If, however, the flow of fluids in the area is in any way compromised because they are becoming more viscous, then this is the sort of territory where Chinese medicine may make a difference. There are, for instance, a number of protocols for dealing with local blockages and with the systemic thickening of fluids which may offer some hope.

As far as research is concerned, there is nothing which we have identified which relates directly to this kind of problem. You will find a number of studies on Meniere's disease and vertigo where there may be an overlap, but nothing which relates to 'pressure' in an of itself.

We suspect that the only way you are going to get an informed answer to your question is to visit a BAcC member local to you and explain to them the exact nature of the problem. This will enable them to give you a much more informed view than we can here. Most members are happy to give up a small amount of time without charge to enable prospective patients to check whether this is the therapy, and sometimes the therapist, for them.


We are also aware that people also use cranial osteopathy to good effect with problems like this, especially where someone has a history of major dental treatment. This can sometimes cause subtle displacements of some of the joints in the area, and while acupuncture treatment can encourage a reinstatement of proper energy flow which might help the body to reassert its proper shape, a more direct method may work more quickly. Your local BAcC member will undoubtedly be able to give you a trustworthy referral for this option.

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