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Benefits of acupuncture for babies with hearing loss

Q: My 3 weeks old baby has been diagnosed with moderate hearing loss due to issues with inner ear. We found some articles talking about benefits of acupuncture treatment in such cases. Can you please advise if this is something that is proven to work and whether this can be done on babies?

A:  There are no age restrictions on treatment, and we have known people to have treated babies that are a day or two old. However, we do increasingly take the view that it requires slightly more specialist postgraduate training to approach treating the very young. However, in our specialist guidelines which are still under development treatment on children under the age of six months is not favoured because of the unreliability of many of the usual diagnostic signs at this age. We don't simply stick needles in where the problem is, and trying to work on the extremely young would be only undertaken if there was a very clear syndrome with some very specific treatments.

As far as the research itself is concerned, we have seen one or two studies which suggest that acupuncture may have a role to play in treating inner ear issues, but none which we would regard as robust enough to underpin a recommendation.

Indeed, this expert, if faced with a request like this, would almost invariably recommend that a parent took their child to a cranial osteopath. Many of the problems with neonates can arise from the pressures on the skull during delivery, and the treatment itself is extremely gentle as well as being effective for many birth problems. If you did decide to try acupuncture, however, we would recommend that you seek out someone who has attended a structured postgraduate training in the treatment of children. There are two or three course providers, whom we cannot unfortunately name, who are recognised by our community as the acknowledged experts in the field. Someone who has trained with them will know their limitations, and that is the most important thing to consider, whether it is appropriate to use acupuncture with a child so young.

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