Q. I have inner ear canal paresis of around 29% in my right ear and a preponderence ti the left of 27%. I have had some accupuncture treatment but was not sure my condition is treatable by accupuncture and the accupuncturist was rather young. Do you have an accuopuncturist in specializes in treating inner ear canal paresis? on your books?


A. The BAcC does not as yet recognise specialisms, although it is looking closely at how best to describe with groups practitioners who focus the majority of their work on one group, like children or pregnant women. Even where this is the case, the skills in Chinese medicine remain largely the same; it is often the additional conventional medical knowledge which defines expert practice. In theory any member of the BAcC is competent to treat people equally competently according to traditional chinese medicine principles. Clearly someone with many years of experience may have seen similar cases which could guide their thinking, but there are no practitioners of whom we are aware who focus on problems in the inner ear.



There is very little research evidence for the treatment of canal paresis with acupuncture. However, Chinese medicine operates in a way which it is difficult to put to the test in trials. Each patient is treated according to their unique and specific patterns, and the underlying premise, that if the energies of the body are in balance symptoms will resolve, means that in individual cases there can occasionally be profound changes to symptoms which have not responded to conventional treatment.


It would be fair to say, though, that even with the prevalence of people blogging their stories on the internet there are very few accounts of acupuncture having a great deal of effect on this problem, and we would hope that anyone offering treatment for this as a primary presentation is reviewing progress on a regular basis and not creating expectations which cannot be realised.

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