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We have to be very careful in answering questions about the prevention of conditions. If asked whether acupuncture is of any benefit for treating either cataract or glaucoma, we would have to say that the evidence is very thin, and that what there is of it suggests that acupuncture treatment may be a useful adjunct to conventional treatment. However, researching whether acupuncture prevented either of these conditions would require prospective studies on a scale which would be almost impossible to fund.
That said, the basic focus of Chinese medicine, certainly in its oldest forms and even underlying its modern ones, is not so much getting better but staying well. In ancient times the physicians were held to account if they failed to keep their charges well, and a patient seeking treatment after a problem had established itself was described as 'digging a well when he was already thirsty'. In this sense the skill of the traditional acupuncturist is to keep people well as much as it is to get them better. Keeping someone in balance was thought to stave off or hold back some of the more common deteriorations of increasing age, and while it could never be claimed that it would leave someone in completely perfect health until their eventual demise the aim would be to ensure that they did not suffer from chronic deterioration too early.
It is something of a leap of faith, and there is no point in providing anecdotal evidence of how long term patients seem to enjoy good health because there are so many confounding factors which make conclusions impossible to reach. However, treatment certainly won't do any harm, and may improve the overall balance in areas which people would not recognise to have been problems until they experience improvements.

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