I have trouble with a persistent tick/muscle spasm round one eye and upper cheek. If I try v. hard I can overcome by complete relaxation of head/neck/shoulders and jaw.

It is interesting that you are able to achieve some reduction of the symptoms by complete relaxation of the upper body. This suggests either that relaxation itself is the key, for which there is considerable evidence that acupuncture may deliver short term benefts which may then extend to a more permanent solution, or that there is some structural misalignment or weakness which relaxation allows to 'reset' itself but which becomes an issue as soon as the muscles are normally loaded.
It is important to distinguish between those interventions which simply give a short term relief which can be reproduced but never extended, and those which can offer a permanent solution. If the cause of the problem is driven by the muscles themselves, and there are underlying mental and emotional components which allow the muscular tension to develop, there is good evidence that acupuncture can help to reduce the stress and anxiety which can often be the root cause. One frequent but unintended secondary benefit which many patients experience is feeling generally more relaxed even though this was not the problem for which they consulted a practitioner.
If the problem is more structural in origin, there is still a case for trying acupuncture, since there are many conditions for which there is evidence that functional treatment like acupuncture can effect structural changes. However, there would be no harm, and possibly considerable benefit, from having an 'MOT' with an osteopath or chiropractor as a first step to check the state of the upper back and neck and to assess whether a structural manipulation may not be an important part of rectifying the problem. Many patients combine treatments like acupuncture and osteopathy/chiropractic to great effect.

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