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Discomfort after removal of wisdom teeth aggravated by talking.

Q:  I had 2 lower wisdom teeth, both having formed cysts, removed from my lower jaw in January. I'm still experiencing discomfort which is aggravated by talking. The maxillo facial surgeon has told me that  there is nothing wrong and that I must be patient.  Would acupuncure help?



While a great deal of the early research into acupuncture was about pain reduction, as our factsheet shows please click here







a great many of the studies target specific pains. There are a number of studies of dental pain please click here





which are of sufficient standard for us to be able to advertise that acupuncture can assist dental pain, but the kind of pain from which you suffer is not one which has been specifically described in the studies, and we would be reluctant to say, under the general rubric of 'dental pain' that acupuncture would be of benefit.




It would certainly do no harm to visit a BAcC member local to you and seek their advice on whether they think they may be able to help you. However, another option you may want to consider is cranial osteopathy. One feature of wisdom tooth surgery is that the jaw is often extended very fully while considerable pressure is applied, and the tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ) can easily be slightly dislocated. This might well generate the symptom you describe, and while it is possible that an acupuncturist can provide some relief if there has been displacement of the TMJ the use of gentle manipulation to correct a misalignment may be a good alternative option.   





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